Nutrigenetics is an applied science studying the methods in which an individual’s genetics responds to food intake and the predisposition to diet-related diseases.

The NUTRINEXT® test is based on the analysis of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) in order to offer the Nutrition Professional an additional tool for personalized nutrition.

NUTRINEXT® test consists of 4 lines: Intolerance, Health & Wellness, Active Sport, Baby.
NUTRINEXT® Complete includes the following panels: Intolerance, Health & Wellness, Active Sport.

Your pathway to a new lifestyle


4 LINES for a complete help to the Specialist

NUTRINEXT® consists of 4 lines:


The Intolerance line is designed to detect the genetic predisposition to the most common food sensitivities and intolerances (ex. predisposition to celiac disease, lactose intolerance, fructose intolerance, sensitivity to caffeine, sensitivity to sulfites, etc.) offering the bases to the specialist for suggesting a personalized nutrition plan.

Health & Wellness

The tests of the Health & Wellness line are dedicated to people who want to hit their health and well-being. Thanks to the information contained in our DNA, a personalized nutritional plan can be studied to: prevent cardiovascular diseases, hit the ideal body weight and to control the risk factors predisposing to several pathologies.

Active Sport

The tests of the Active Sport line allow extending the concept of “personalized” medicine in the nutrition area dedicated to athletes. Thanks to the study of some genetic variations it is possible to reduce injuries and to increase the level of performance by adopting specific measures and integrating the diet in a targeted manner.


During the weaning period the baby may present specific symptoms following the ingestion of some foods. The test of the linea Baby line reveals the genetic predisposition to the most common intolerances during pediatric age and allows the specialist to suggest the most suitable nutrition plan for the baby.

The combination of the Intolerance, Health & Wellness e Active Sport lines gives life to NUTRINEXT® Complete, the most complete test available today.

Test characteristics



Groundbreaking sequencing technology (NGS), coupled with a sophisticated bioinformatic analysis.



Cheek swab designed for gentle, simple, non-invasive sample collection.



Fast turnaround time.



Sensitivity and specificity >99%

Indications for testing

4 lines to meet specific demands


People who present the typical symptomatology caused by the main food intolerances and sensitivities.
Patients who have unjustified symptoms from other causes but linked to intolerances or sensitivities.

Health & Wellness

People who present the typical symptomatology caused by the main food intolerances and sensitivities.
Patients who have unjustified symptoms from other causes but linked to intolerances or sensitivities.

Active Sport

People who practice both competitive and amateur sports and want to improve their performance and prevent injuries.


Babies in weaning age who present typical symptoms of lactose intolerance, celiac disease or fructose intolerance.

Reasons for choosing


It offers the most complete panel of Nutrigenetics analyses in the market (more than 150 genes analyzed).

It provides the nutritionist with the bases for personalized nutrition.

It provides the information needed for a personalized healthy lifestyle.

It is performed in a certified laboratory.


Forms and brochures

NUTRINEXT® brochure

Modulo di richiesta NUTRINEXT

NUTRINEXT® test requisition form

Consenso informato all’esecuzione del test NUTRINEXT

NUTRINEXT® informed consent

Consenso informato all’esecuzione del test NUTRINEXT

NUTRINEXT® informed consent(for minors or people with legal guardian)

Istruzioni Kit tampone buccale NUTRINEXT

NUTRINEXT® test instructions


Expertise and Quality you can trust

Test performed in Italy (Rome or Milan)

Fast TAT

20 years of experience in genetics and molecular biology

Team of experts in genetics

3 Laboratories with groundbreaking technologies

Tests available worldwide

Only 60 seconds to perform the test

Dedicated R&D team with numerous peer-reviewed papers published in renowned international journals.


Training courses for professionals
Corsi di formazione per professionisti

Eurofins Genoma Group arranges training courses for professionals in order to better understand the meaning of some polymorphisms, to read into genetic data correctly and to convert in clinical practice the test results.

Scheduled trainings

No training course currently scheduled


5 Easy steps

Order the DNA collection kit

Fill in the test request form and the informed consent

Collect a DNA sample through a simple buccal swab provided with the kit

Ship the sample to the Lab

Receive results

Contact us

For information about NUTRINEXT® test

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